"The Last Forest"
Oil on Canvas
Circa 1995

The Last Forest was painted on 1995, representing a woman observing “The Last Forest”
inside a glass container and showing a feeling of sadness and wonder.

Since then, the climate has change more!

I have seen the trees are dying, whether through oak wilt which seems to be affecting not
only oaks, but other trees as well, such as red buds, ash and other trees, worms are killing
the Juniperus ashei tree , known as the Texas Cedar. And even abroad, trees are weak and

The questions was, if the rain will stop or if the drought will cause months without rain, how
could the trees survive, what could we do to protect them and make them survive?

Certainly to water a forest will be nearly impossible, watering several forests would be

Then, the need to plant trees, perhaps if planted from the seed, will become stronger to the
New weather conditions.  But then a new problem was encounter;
The seeds and small trees are eaten by the animals, weather squirrels, deer, snails, or any
other animal. The small trees are no longer making it to adult life, except the Juniper ashei.
And some Oaks that remain sheltered by the Juniper Ashei.

The project begins with the Miniature Forests, thousands of living trees per square yard.

These miniature forest can be kept as a miniature forest ( Bonsai Forest)  that will live
longer than our own life if proper care is giving (Water) or, they can serve to reforest,
passing two of the most dangerous stages for a tree, the seed and the seedling stages.

Today I grow several hundreds of Miniature Forest, some for Décor others to reforest.

Then the idea began with the Ecosferes, sealed living forest inside glass containers.

The findings are incredible!

Do trees communicate within each other?
Once a forest is set inside sealed containers, the trees grow nearly at the same pace, at the
same height. The leaves turn much smaller, and once they reach a certain height where
they cannot grow more, an algae appears in the glass that eats and dissolves the tree
leaves next to the glass.

The tree dies back a portion, and begins to grow with a distance from the container.

On the creation of these Ecosferes, new experiments are been made, and also the creation
of Ecosferes of 100% maintenance free, others with the possibility to open them and care
for them.

With this same idea in mind, Living gardens for apartments ( By the reduce size to a table)
mountains for apartments ( Table size) and other living worlds are been created.

On September / October 2015 An exhibit will be held of around 100 Miniature Forest on
Display, Ecosferes, Mini Gardens and more.

Thanks to painting “ The Last Forest” The Ecosferes were born.

Welcome to Ecosferes.Com